Educational Seminars

Educational Seminars

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Nutrigenomics Webinar

Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS   (Author with W.Jean Dodds, DVM of Canine Nutrigenomics: The New Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health, Dogwise Publishing, 2015)

                Monday 10/16     3-5pm  (After Futurity Judging)

                Fee $25

Topics include:

  • Background of nutrigenomics and its exciting implications for dogs
  • Using the principles of nutrigenomics to prevent, manage and reverse common Dane diseases, including heart disease, cancer, gastrointestinal issues and thyroid disease
  • The importance of the gut
  • Common dietary mistakes and how to avoid them

Vibrant health begins in the cells, and cellular heath begins with proper nutrition.  Attend this Webinar and be sure your Dane’s food is “speaking the right language”.

Reproduction Seminar:  “Jewels of Reproduction for Dog People”   

                Dr. Beckie Williams, DVM, cVMA

Tuesday 10/17 am 9a-11:30 

Fee $35 (includes handouts)


Avidog Seminar:  “Cultivating the Super Dog”

Dr. Gayle Watkins, PhD – Avidog International LLC

Tuesday 10/17,   1p-4p

Fee $35

Topics include:

  • What we do in the first months of a dog’s life set the stage for his future
  • Through simple methods, we can change our dog’s health and temperament, setting it up for lifetime success
  • During this seminar we will explore canine development from conception on and the specifics techniques we can use to bring out the best in every puppy
  • A condensed version of the popular seminar “Transformational Puppy Rearing: Raising Healthy, Stable Dogs!” focusing on important concepts starting from before conception to 16 weeks
  • We will investigate what goes on with the pups each step of their early lives and how we an influence them so they become healthy, stable dogs, well prepared for their future lives

This seminar presents easy-to-understand research and easy-to-use techniques for raising brave and healthy puppies.


Master Rally Signs: “Are You Ready? Forward?”   ROOM:  Hotel “San Tan” Room following Obedience Events

Rally Judge, Joyce Gutherie

Tuesday 10/17,   Following Obedience

Fee:  Free

Topics include:

§  Clarification of the new rules and signs.

§  Please send any questions over any specific signs (new or existing) prior to the National, so they can be addressed during the seminar.  Send to:


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Nutrigenomics Webinar
Reproduction Seminar
Nutrigenomics Webinar Reproduction Seminar
Avidog Seminar
Master Rally Signs
Avidog Seminar Master Rally Signs
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