Educational Seminars

Educational Seminars

Go to for details, prices, tickets, and updates
or contact the Breeders and Judges Education Chairman.

We are offering several Educational Seminars that will be of interest to all Great
Dane Clubs, Dog Fanciers, and Communities

For more information on Speakers & Bio’s, Content of the Programs, Dates & Times, go to: or Contact: Micki Boswell – Educational Seminar Chairman at - (314) 606-7219

  • Monday, October 22 – “Update on Adipose Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy” – Dr. Synder & “Color Genetics” – JP Yousha
  • Tuesday, October 23 – “Skin Diseases that effect Great Danes” – Dr. Campbell
  • Wednesday, October 24 - “Movement, Structure, & Pedigrees” – Dr. Battaglia (All Day)
  • Thursday, October, 25 - “What to do in a crisis!” (Hands–On with your dog) – Joyce Guthrie




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Update on Adipose Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy
Update on Adipose Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy
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